The Universe (101)

Welcome to your new reality!

This year Cavort is bringing together the disciplines of mentalism and clowning for a spectacular trip down the rabbit hole!

It started in NYC
It all started in NYC.

UK Theatre maker and mentalist Ian Harvey Stone (The Devil Without, Your Place or Mind, Monday Night Magic) will be teaming up with International performer, Canadian clown and Los Angeles cabaret favorite Matthew Godfrey to bring the fun to the Hollywood Fringe.

WID_13_Norbut Yetso_Seduced 1Norbut Yetso, the world’s only Quantum Clown constructs a mini Hadron Collider for an informative lecture into the building blocks of creation only to create a wrinkle in reality  that threatens the very fabric of existence! Through this wormhole tumbles Evanion, a psychic performer from the 1920’s and it soon becomes apparent that a time paradox has been created that can only be solved with the assistance of the audience!

Expect equal amounts of laughter and mind-melting wonder as the two characters wrestle with time travel, astral projection, redundant time-streams and past-life regression in an attempt to save us all from simply winking out of existence!

Ian Harvey Stone from ‘Magic and Mayhem’ Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Smash Hit!

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